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MobileMonday Toronto is officially closed for summer 2008.

No meetings will be held in July or August.  We return back to our normal monthly schedule in September.  

Feel free to sign-up to our community newsletter and stay tuned for upcoming chapter meeting news as we prepare for the 2008-2009 season.

Have a safe and happy summer -- see you in the September!

Your co-founders,

Jim Brown, 416.294.5754,
Alexander S. Bosika, 416.625.2302,


chicago summer of mobile begins…

I’m back in the city I love after a brief sabbatical in London - this means that I am going to start mobilizing the troops again to have a re-launch (if you will) of momo chicago.

I have a concept of a mob ile hackathon which was very popular at the OverTheAir conference in London and there is no reason why it shouldn’t work here in Chicago.

Beer + Ideas + hacking together an app in one night

more to news to follow…



the browser as a platform for mobile devices

There has been a lot of talk about mobile web 2.0 lately and my initial impressions were that this was just another term coined by conference organizers.

????????Attending overtheair last weekend changed my view of this. The mobile web is real and what makes it exciting this time around is the inclusion of the millions of web developers into the mobile fold. The number of mobile websites (not .mobi) that were launched last year since the arrival of the iphone has been tremendous, these are sites catering specifically to the mobile audience and serving a mobile audience mebelionly.

The pulse of the conference was certainly around web technologies and their utilization in the mobile space. There was a lot of talk around browser compatibility and web standards which was unheard of in previous mobile conferences, we used to bore ourselves to death talking about operator walled gardens and the tyranny they impose on mobile content developers.

I feel we are at a fork in the road here and the manufacturers and the OS providers need to make a choice:

a. continue to meet demand for browsers on mobile devices with the traditional browser model in mind. ie. render w3c standard pages on devices etc. and that’s it.


b. create a new breed of browsers for devices which are standard compliant and which have unrestricted access to native constructs like - sms, location from triangulation, location from gps, cameras, bluetooth

Just think of the possibilities this will open up…

Not only will we be able to build applications that port easily from device to device as long as the web standards are adhered to (..has its own issues, but, I would take this problem over the porting hell that is moving applications in j2me from one manufacturers stack to another) but, mobile web apps will actually be using the capabilities of the device. Location based webapps that actually use the location of the device directly, address books and calendars that sync with your favourite web-service directly - the list is endless. All the web-services you consume on the web but tailored specifically to your devices browser platform.

It also represents a chance to leap-frog over a decades worth of lack of tools and best practices in the mobile space and join a community of web developers that is alive and teeming with ideas and open source initiatives. The developers at apple, ms and google need to think of ways to make the mobile web more accessible through the devices they support, but, not just to the point of rendering the pages but allowing a more direct interaction between javascript (maybe>) and the devices native app store. Opera as a platform was supposed to address this very problem, but I think they’ve failed or given up that fight and are focused on the status quo.

It will take a revolutionary idea for a product/device or the release of a more complete mobile browser SDK to act as the catalyst in this process. Rethinking the browser on the mobile device is going to provide options for both consumers and content developers. The carriers can gain as well with increased ARPU with data plans that users will need to access all this web content.


MobileMonday Miami @ Nokia offices – June 9, 2008


Nokia hosting and presenting June 25th @ Summerfield Suites

I am pleased to announce Nokia is hosting our next event! It will be held in Los Colinas.

Jeff Cooper will present upcoming technology and devices from Nokia

Los Colinas Summer Field Suites
5901 N MacArthur Boulevard
Irving, Texas, USA

Link to Map
Because we are a registered Adobe Mobile User Group:
We will be giving away Adobe T-shirts, pens, stickers
(Thanks Adobe!)


Solid turnout for 3rd MobileMonday Miami at Nokia

MobileMonday Miami June 2008
MobileMonday Miami
originally uploaded by alexdecarvalho.

There was a solid turnout of 40-plus to the June Mobile Monday Miami, hosted by Nokia at their 10th floor offices overlooking Blue Lagoon and Miami International Airport.

In addition to Nokia Latin America staff here in Miami and guests from Nokia’s global developer support program, Forum Nokia, attendees included individuals working in the mobile and technology space from a broad range of organizations in South Florida, including: Agencynet, Augme Mobile, Brightstar, Celtrek, Clearcast Digital Media, DailyMe, Dinama USA, EGLA Corp, Infinimedia, LEAR Web Design, The Miami Herald, Motorola, MSCorp/Ideas Lite, Prolexic Technologies, Univision and others.

Alex de Carvalho gave a brief presentation about MobileMonday globally and Matt Rothschild, who heads up Nokia’s Go-To-Market efforts in Latin America, spoke briefly about Nokia’s presence in Miami and its operations and latest device and services launches in the Latin American region.

Dinama CEO David Stone and Univision Senior Wireless Project Manager Junelly Rojas each won Nokia N80 smartphones as door prizes, with the big door prize catch of a Nokia N93 “twist and shoot” multimedia device going to Edwin Hernandez, VP of Engineering at EGLA Corp.

Richard Fendelman Expect a Miracle Productions shot video for Nokia, which is expected to be shared later this week. Meanwhile, Celtrek CEO Florian Seroussi wasted no time in posting a video interview with Alex de Carvalho to his blog, done on-site with Florian’s Nokia N95.

More MobileMonday Miami news to come!

airport sunset
originally uploaded by alexdecarvalho.

Next Event, September 2008

 Mobile Monday Mid-Atlantic had a wonderful inaugural year. We appreciate our sponsors (Wolf Block, Blank Rome,, Morgan Lewis), our speakers at all the events — and everyone that attended the events.

Our events this season included Location-Based Services, Mobile Advertising, DEMO night and Mobile in the Enterprise. These events were the beginning of an exciting mobile community in the Mid-Atlantic region. 

Our next meeting is September. Have a safe, fun and friend and family filled summer.


June 2008 meetup for MobileMonday Miami

Nokia LatinoAmerica has graciously offered to host and sponsor our upcoming meetup in their LatAm headquarters.

We will present the objectives of MobileMonday Miami and the next steps involved in creating our local chapter of this global community. Nokia will give a brief presentation about their Latin American activities; they will also introduce us to the resources they have made available for entrepreneurs and developers who want to port their applications to Symbian S60.

Also, Nokia has reserved some unlocked smartphones that will be given away to lucky attendees. If you would like to come to this free networking event, please RSVP so we can plan for the catering.

We encourage those so inclined to live blog the event. Please let us know in advance if you require wi-fi access so they can create a secure account for you.

A sincere word of thanks to Michael Tangeman of the Pen Group, who co-organizes MobileMonday and made this event possible.


MobileMonday Miami May 2008 meetup

Thank you to Myxer, who hosted our second MobileMonday Miami event.

Myk Willis, CEO and Founder of Myxer, presented this fast-growing, South Florida based mobile startup:

“With millions of mobile users and tens of million mobile downloads a month, Myxer is the largest and fastest-growing place for mobile content today.

Myxer was created to make the mobile content experience simple, fun, and free – for consumers, content owners and advertisers.”

Mobile Monday Miami co-organizer and co-founder Jeffrey Sass (pictured) graciously hosted the event at Myxer’s offices in Deerfield Beach.

The next one will be on June 9th, 2008 at Nokia’s offices by the Miami Airport. If you’re interested in attending, please RSVP:


Welcome to MobileMonday Miami!

MobileMonday Miami is a community of professionals working and interested in the development of mobile and wireless industry in South Florida.

Our objective is to establish a strong connection between South Floridian and Latin American companies and organizations in the mobile business. Our community will:

  • develop and promote innovation in the mobile industry,
  • provide an overview of the latest and the hottest trends in the mobile world, and
  • contribute to the education of people about mobile and wireless industries.

We aim to invite national and foreign speakers to share their experience and contribute to the development of the South Floridian mobile telecoms and wireless markets.

We welcome you to help us build the Miami chapter of MobileMonday.