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Bad Timing for Sept – No MoMo, Plenty of Other Stuff

I’ve got a bunch of emails from folks asking if there’s going to be a September MoMo. I feel bad skipping it after having just skipped August. But the timing just doesn’t work out. Check this out:

  • Monday Sept 1st is apparently something called a “holiday”. Named Labor Day, but no one goes into work for it. Very misleading.
  • Sept 8th is Ajit’s Mobile Web Megatrends, where I’m going to be giving a presentation on the role of open source in mobile. I know lots of other folks in the area are already committed to this as well.
  • Sept 10th thru 12th is CTIA at Moscone, which would be disruptive enough even if it weren’t local cause everyone syncs product releases to it. But is doubly disruptive cause even the folks not prepping for it are going to have a bunch of days eaten with meetings cause everyone is in town.
  • Sept 18th is the Mobilize 08 conference at the Mission Bay Conference Center in San Francisco

Do you really need another event to attend? You know you’re just looking for another excuse to avoid getting work done ;-)

Every one of those events will have great info and a critical mass of the decision makers and practitioners necessary to make it a successful outing. Throwing another meeting into the mix would just peel off a percentage of attendance from other events and end up decreasing the value on the whole. I like to think of Mobile Monday as more respectful of the environment, standing up and making some noise when we need to, and letting things roll along on their own when they’re already doing well.

We’ll definitely be back October with a business themed event. And Daniel, Gregory, Rudy, Peter and I are cranking away on the lineup and setup for the next Mobile 2.0 conference on Nov 3rd (details should be available soon). So no, we’re not going away. I haven’t given up, something I seem to be getting asked a lot in emails. I just want to make sure that each and every event is quality and has a purpose. A bunch of dedicated people give up a big chunk of their Monday evening to attend, I want them to always come away from the events feeling they spent their time wisely.

- Mike


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