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October 2008 – Data Management for Mobile Web Apps

Essential details for the October Mobile Monday:

  • What: October 2008 Mobile Monday (Data Management for Mobile Web Apps)
  • When: October 6th, 2008 7:00pm
  • Where: Oracle Campus, 100 Oracle Parkway, Room 104, Redwood City, CA, 94065
  • Who: Anyone interested in mobility
  • Cost: Nothing!

There are a few different efforts aimed at making mobile web apps work offline. Gears already has a Windows Mobile version and is looking to expand, the OMTP BONDI effort is aiming to standardize mobile web apps and mix in persistent storage in the process, and WebKit has implemented the client side database storage section of the HTML5 spec. I learned about another effort from Oracle called AtomDB from CEO when he did an Austin MoMo on the topic. And then Gregory pointed me at Nikunj after running into him at a conference. And then I ran into Nikunj myself at Mobile Web Megatrends in Berkeley last month, and he’s a wellspring of knowledge about building intermittently connected web applications for mobile devices. I decided to take Enrique and Gregory’s advice and invite him to present at MoMo.

AtomDB is a method for delivering intermittently connected web applications to mobile devices by building on top of existing feed technologies (the Atom protocol) and builds on top of the caching semantics already built into and mature in the HTTP standards (the operations are PUT, POST, GET, DELETE, just as in any other web app). For some advance details about the discussion check out this thread on the W3C mailing list. Should be a particularly timely and relevant discussion, hope to see you all there!

- Mike



Date: Monday, October 6, 2008

Time: 6:30pm – 9:30pm

RSVP Required: To attend, send RSVP to

Special Location For October Event:

The Spoke Club, 600 King Street West, 4th Floor, Toronto ON, Phone:

(416) 368-8448

Guest Speaker:

Mark Young, Mobile Entertainment Forum (MEF)


The MEF will discuss their organization and initiatives globally and will open a dialogue with MoMo members in attendance about the biggest issues facing the Canadian mobile market.

More about the MEF: Since 2000, MEF has established itself as the leading global trade association for companies large and small across the mobile entertainment value chain. MEF's membership base spans the entire range of mobile entertainment activities, including music, film, TV and video companies who create and package content; publishers, retailers, service providers and technologists who sell and deliver content and network operators who get the content to the end users. As the leading global advocate for the mobile entertainment industry MEF is playing a pivotal role in driving the industry’s evolution and commercial potential.

This event is sponsored by Research In Motion Limited.

Best regards,

Jim and Alex


Sept 22nd: Broadband Everywhere – The Mobile Opportunity

MobileMonday New York presents:

Broadband everywhere – the mobile opportunity

Monday, 22 Sept 2008 at 6:45PM

Samsung Experience Center, 10 Columbus Circle, NYC

Please RSVP here.

Free, as always.

The current rollout of HSPA is creating new business opportunities that exploit mobile broadband. The huge sales of USB modems reveal an emerging market that is different from pocket broadband on handsets. Mobile broadband is competing with WiFi due to always-connected mobility, ease of access and flat rate data plans. Carriers are developing HSPA and WiMax capabilities, deploying femtocells and partnering to provide xDSL connection to their core networks.

In Europe, the market has already transitioned from one dominated by visionary mobile broadband customers, to a mainstream market dominated by pragmatic customers. In the US, more people are using Web-friendly handsets and consuming more Web content overall, particularly content that lies outside carriers’ portals.

Meanwhile industry bodies – in conjunction with a raft of PC OEMs – are creating a new Mobile Broadband logo and branding campaign for wireless broadband in laptops, aiming to educate the public about ‘broadband inside’.

MoMo New York presents a discussion on the impacts of mobile broadband on carriers, content providers, laptop manufacturers and infrastructure vendors. We are happy to announce the following distinguished speakers:


  • Lubna Dajani, Stratemerge


  • Carl Taylor, Director of Applications & Services, Hutchison Whampoa Europe
  • Ari Zoldan, CEO, Quantum Networks, LLC
  • Robert Samuels, Director, Mobile Products, The New York Times
  • other panelists to be announced.

Mobile Content & Marketing Expo – October 6-7 in San Jose, CA

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You CAN Take it With You!

With faster network speeds, more advanced handsets and a seemingly endless supply of content and services, everyone from business execs to busy teens are dependent on having access to productivity tools, e-mail, music, games, TV shows and more wherever they are – and whenever they want – all from a gizmo that fits in the palm of their hand.

Mobile Content & Marketing Expo aims to help content producers and providers, marketers, advertisers & venture capitalists keep up on important happenings in all parts of the mobile content industry as well as what end users want and are coming to expect from their mobile device. Register today to be a part of this exciting event.

Get face-to-face with hundreds of key decision makers involved in Mobile Content, Applications, Mobile Marketing and Advertising at Mobile Content & Marketing Expo October 6-7 in San Jose, CA!

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Essential Sessions to Help You Maximize the Mobile Opportunity:

  • M-Commerce
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Mobile Games
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Mobile Messaging 2.0
  • Mobile Music
  • Mobile Social Networks
  • Open Access
  • Streaming Video
  • TV on Mobile


Special Offer to Conference Attendees:

  • Free Consulting Session with Michael Gartenberg
  • VP of Mobile Strategy, Jupitermedia
  • Blogger,


Featured Keynotes:

  • Kay Grunwoldt – Nokia (Games Publishing)
  • Assaf Tarnopolsky – Sony Pictures Television International
  • Jeffrey Litvack – AP Digital
  • Nitin Bhandari – Skyfire


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September 22, 2008

At the next Mobile Monday Mid-Atlantic event on Sept 22, 2008 6PM …

Consider a world where high speed mobile access is like oxygen — it’s everywhere.
Event: September 22, 2008, 6:00 PM
Topic: Next Generation Wireless Networks
Location: The Franklin Institute (in the Planetarium!)
Panelists: AT&T, Comcast, Google, XOHM, NAC, Wharton.
RSVP: Due to venue size seating is limited. A $5.00 contribution is requested but not required at the door to support Mobile Monday Mid-Atlantic events.  RSVP, now. Be part of something very exciting – with leading national and regional mobile players – in our trademark Mobile Monday collegiate atmosphere.
This event is sponsored by:

Select Greater Philadelphia

SELECT Greater Philadelphia focuses on building the regional economy

With special thanks to: Network Acquisition Company (NAC).

Moderator: Kevin Werbach, Assistant Professor of Legal Studies and Business Ethics The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
Panelists: Comcast: Chris Dixon, Senior Director, Product Development and TechnologyGoogle: Karl Garcia, Google Wireless network, Mountainview, CA

Xohm: Rick Robinson VP Product and Services

Network Acquisition Corp (formerly Wireless Philadelphia): Rick Rasansky, Co-founder and President

AT&T: Dave Moshenberg, Enterprise Architect -AT&T Mobility

Overview: Next generation 4G wireless networks such as LTE and WiMax offer increased speeds and inter-connectivity between devices.
What new services and applications can be created or improved?

What new devices will you need?

Which is better? Is LTE the superior technology – it’s being adopted by carriers such as A&T and Verizon. Or is WiMax favored by the Computing/Internet crowd of Xohm, Google, Intel and Comcast the way to go?
These new mobile networks will make it possible for your refrigerator to sense when you are in the supermarket and then interface with your cell phone to tell you not to forget milk?  The will let your camera to instantly send every photo you take to your computer.  In addition to these simple examples, at this event we’ll learn the really important things these networks will do!
Network! Network with and learn from thought leaders in mobile at our next BLOCKBUSTER event on Monday September 22nd at 6:00 PM! RSVP, here.