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One more panelist for November 7, Mobile Coupons

We just can’t stop!  We have found yet another great panelist for the November 7 event on Mobile Coupons.  We have recently added Theodore Holloway, eCommerce Manager for Remington Hotels, to the mix.  He will be able to give us an inside look at how the mobile discounting concept is applied within the hospitality industry.  Our other panelists include Alex Stancioff from Shooger, Marcos Menendez from Momares, and Matt McKenna from Red Fish Media, all local startups.  We love to support the entrepreneurial mobile community here in South Florida!  Come on out to support them, hear all about mobile money-saving, and drink some Irish beer!  7-9 PM, Playwright Irish @ Gulfstream in Hallandale.  Sign up here:


November 7 – panel is set!

Momomiami fans:  we have finalized the panel for our upcoming November 7 event on mobile coupons.  The final speaker roster is:

Marcos Menendez:  CEO & Founder, Momares

Alex Stancioff:  CEO & Co-Founder, Shooger

Matt McKenna:  Founder & President, Red Fish Media

These folks are all doing very interesting things in the mobile money-saving space.  It will be a great event – come on out and support our local startups!   Here is the link – please sign up!


Boston NFC and Mobile Retail Event on November 7th

After many years of anticipation, NFC mobile technology is finally reaching the US retail market. Companies like Google, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and WHERE are leading the charge for making purchases with mobile phones at retail stores. Consumers will be able to just tap their phone to pay with cash or credit card, redeem coupons, or add points to loyalty programs.

Come hear how Boston companies are taking a leading role in this important technological shift. We’ll also be announcing the new NFC Cluster Boston.

See the future of mobile e-commerce at the NFC Cluster Boston kickoff event co-hosted with the MIT Enterprise Forum Cambridge. Our moderator will be Karen Webster of Market Platform Dynamics.

Our speakers include:
Aditya Khurkejar – Director Business Development, Verizon
Patrick Gauthier - Head of Retail Services Product Marketing and Business Operations, Paypal
Jeff Miles - VP business Development, NXP
Russell Harty - Senior Vice President Sales, Retail Division; Ingenico


This free event will start at 6:30pm and runs until 8:30pm.  Complimentary drinks and appetizers will be served.  Registration is required.

Park Plaza Hotel
50 Park Plaza, Boston, MA 02116 (map)

Public transportation: The Park Plaza Hotel is close to both Red Line (Park St.) and Green Line (Arlington St) stops.

Parking is available at the Motor Mart across the street from the hotel or the Under the Common Garage. Street meter parking is also available.

Thanks to our sponsors for making this event possible.


Co-hosted with the MIT Enterprise Forum Cambridge.


Secrets to Building A Successful Business on Mobile

Description: Mobile entrepreneurship is alive and well. How does a company build their business on mobile? Hear from app developers like Hotel Tonight and PunchTab how they drive downloads and monetize mobile apps, learn how the Barnes & Noble NOOK has become the “sleeper success story” for Android developers, and find out how to create [...]

November 7 – Mobile Coupons!

Thanks to all the MobileMonday-Miami fans who turned out for our October event.  The speakers were amazing and we learned a lot about mobile payments. 

The topic for the November 7, 2011 meeting  will be Mobile Coupons.  In this not-so-hot economy, people are looking for ways to save money, and retailers large and small are giving consumers a reason to turn to their mobile phone to find a solution.  The dizzying array of mobile money-saving options has been increasing exponentially:  text messages, apps, daily deals.  With more than 42%of smartphone owners using mobile coupons, this is an opportunity that can’t be ignored.  Our November event will feature leaders in the mobile deals space to talk about what’s hot and what’s not, and where they think the industry is going.    

Our panel, which will be moderated by MobileMonday-Miami, will include:

Marcos Menendez:  CEO & Founder, Momares

Alex Stancioff:  CEO & Co-Founder, Shooger

NOTE:  if you want to participate on the panel, please contact

Please RSVP here:  We’ll be meeting at the Playwright Irish Bar and Restaurant, conveniently located near The Village of Gulfstream Park, Hallandale, FL. For directions, please consult the map or call the Playwright Irish at 954-457-7563.  The kind Management has offered Specialty Cocktails and complimentary appetizers each month, in addition to their extensive international beers on-tap.

And don’t forget to mark your calendars for the December 5 panel on Mobile Giving featuring Tony Beall (President, Mister Non-Profit Consultancy) and Lars Hjoerne (CEO, Connect2Give).  We still need more panelists, so if you are interested in speaking, email


Using Reverse Phone Number Lookup Services

Occasionally, a time will arise in our lives in which we need to find out who is the owner of a certain telephone number. For example, someone may keep calling you without leaving a message and you want to find out who it is.

Or maybe someone is prank calling you and you want them to stop. Perhaps a telemarketer won’t stop calling despite your pleas to be left alone. Or maybe you suspect your husband and wife is cheating and you see a
strange number on his or her cell phone.

Whatever your reason may be, you will most likely end up using a reverse phone number lookup service. These paid services can research any telephone number and provide you with a full phone report including the owner’s name, address, connection status, type of phone line, and other details.

But before you spend money on these services let me tell you about a free method for looking up phone numbers. Just go to Google, Yahoo, or MSN, enter the telephone number, and click “search”.

You may have to experiment a bit to get the right results. Try entering the number both in quotes and out of quotes, and try different number formats including:




While this method is free, it is not the most reliable. You have to hope that the owner posted his or her number somewhere on a website, forum, or blog such as MySpace. Also, keep in mind that the results are not guaranteed and could be outdated or outright incorrect.

Of course, it can’t hurt to try since it’s not costing you anything.

But if you strike out with the search engine method, your best bet is a reverse phone number lookup service. While they aren’t free, the cost is pretty fair for the amount of information provided and the time saved.

It would cost hundreds of dollars to pay a private investigator to collect all of the information in a typical phone report, but online services can offer you the same detailed information for around $14 per number.

Also, some services will let you pay a one-time fee (usually around $39-59) for the right to run as many phone number searches as you want.

Why do they charge for the lookup service? Well first of all that’s their business. If you were able to provide such a valuable service would you just give it away?

Also, the lookup services themselves are charged for each search they run. This is because their searches involve submitting a query to the databases of various telephone companies and cell phone carriers.

The carriers charge the lookup service a fee each time the need to access the database for a search, so the lookup service has to pass along the cost to you. If they didn’t they’d quickly find themselves out of business.

For this reason, there is no such thing as a free reverse phone number lookup service. They just don’t exist. And if you see a lookup service promising “free” results, use caution. They are either using deceptive marketing to lure you in or they are teasing you with a free search in hopes that you’ll pay for another of their services.

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The Merits of Using a Reverse Phone Lookup Service

There are people who call your number and do not talk when the phone is answered. There are others who call in the wee hours of the night while others may hang you up.

These incidences are very frustrating. Lucky enough, the identity of your caller can be unraveled with the help of reverse phone lookup service.

When you obtain the details of the caller, chances are that the caller will not continue to harass you. This is possible when you address the caller by name since he or she will either talk or decide to leave you alone. There are many phone lookup services online.

Unfortunately; many of these directories have obsolete information. This makes it important that you choose the right service which you should use. Using the wrong directory may not offer you full information about the caller you are looking for.

This makes it important to look at the customer reviews out there as this helps to provide more understanding about the site that can provide you with the best.

A wide variety of blogs are available to aid you in finding the best website. Many directories are free but do not offer you quality results. But there are the sites which require you to pay small amount of money to enable you get the best information.

Some additional facts can be obtained about your unidentified caller courtesy of the information obtained from the directory services. This is possible because the prior information can be used to look for additional leads in other directories.

A search can also be done in the social networks as this will enable you achieve a comprehensive view of the person concerned. If legal action is necessary, it is imperative that you retain the list of the calls and the information which you have obtained online.

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Incoming search terms:

  • search the phone number for free

Reverse Cell Phone Search

Tracking down the identity of an unknown caller is not as hard as you might think. Although you could find out the information you want for free, a lot of your success will depend on luck. It is far easier to get a membership at a private reverse cell phone directory because you are guaranteed to get what you want – owner details, like name, address and wireless service carrier.

People need to lookup phone number details for a variety of reasons. Whether you are concerned about the kids your teenager has been hanging out with, or need to stop a very annoying prank caller, or even need to stop a harassing stalker, conducting a reverse cell phone trace is a very legitimate means of investigating a questionable person – especially if you suspect your significant other may be cheating on you.

But again, in order to find out an unknown person’s identity for free, you’re going to have to be lucky. The only way you can find his or her private information is if they have willingly put it up on the Internet.

That way, you can find it by doing a search with their phone number on the major search engines, like Google, Yahoo and MSN. Otherwise, your only option is to make a small investment with a real cell phone database that allows you to conduct reverse lookups on virtually any phone number.

The reason that you can’t find cell phone details online for free is because of the transitory nature of a cell phone number’s life span. People are always changing cell numbers, and as a result they are just too difficult to track on a consistent basis (for free).

Maintaining an accurate and up-to-date cell phone database is simply too difficult and costs too much money for it to be available online for free. People are also worried about having their phone numbers out in the open for telemarketers to exploit, so the government has made it very difficult for people to uncover cell phone number details.

But don’t worry, accurate and current reverse cell phone number lookup directories do exist and are very affordable. The best ones will allow you to purchase a lifetime membership for unlimited searches, or, if you don’t feel the need for unlimited access, you can make a smaller investment for just one lookup.

They will allow you to do a free preliminary search to see if the information you are seeking is available in their database, at which point you can decide whether or not you want to get it.

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Reverse Phone Number Look Up

Have you ever received one of those irksome phone calls? You know the ones where someone stays on the line for a bit, but then hangs up like an idiot. Man, I hate these kinds of calls.

They always cause you to get up and stop what ever it was you were doing, simply to answer the phone for nothing. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why God invented Star69, or reverse phone number look up.

Which ever you want to call it now days. This way you can find out who is wasting your valuable time with prank calls. I for one needed this service a couple years back because someone was always calling my home and hanging up.

What do you know about reverse phone number look up? Do you use caller ID like every other human being on this planet now days? This is the ideal way to know who’s calling at all times. The phone rings, but you give it a quick once over before you actually decide to answer it or not.

This is perfect if you have one of those jobs that randomly call you in. You decide whether or not you wish to answer it. That’s the bomb! Furthermore, did you know that computers also have their own version of reverse phone number look up? Okay, so maybe it’s more of a reverse email lookup.

Regardless, you can find out who is sending you all that junk mail day-in and day-out. I hate that stuff. For a little bit of money, you can install some useful software on your personal computer and really get in the know.

My brother has it hooked into his phone service in order to achieve reverse phone number look up. This is freaking cool. I need to get mine fixed up like that.

When have you ever had to use reverse phone number look up? I have tried Star69 on several occasions and found it very handy overall. Although there have been a few times when it wasn’t successful.

Whenever I think of reverse phone number look up, I can’t help but remember the greatest horror flick of all time. It’s entitled "Black Christmas" and it’s utterly terrifying.

Of course it concerns an obscene caller, who is really a deranged lunatic. And wouldn’t you know it; it appears that he’s in the house the entire time. I must say that reverse phone number look up or caller ID would have come in handy back then. Unfortunately neither were around in 1974.

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Reverse Phone Search – An Easy Way to Solve the Puzzle of Anonymous Callers

How many times have you had a number you cannot recognize appear on your list of calls? Are you worried to call the number because it may belong to someone whom you may not want to talk to?

Well, the information which you may need could on your fingertips. With the help of phone number lookup services, you can get all the necessary details of the caller such as the billing address, the carrier and additional phone numbers if they may be available.

The companies that offer these services have huge databases about mobile, landline and even unlisted phone numbers.

There are some free services that are available on the net but they don’t carry updated information. The paid services can be relied to offer more benefits than the free services which are available.

With the paid service, you can know the source of the caller, the address. You can find your lost friends and loved ones with this service.

Among the benefits which you stand to gain include unlimited phone searches, privacy protection tools and also background reports.

Other than the provided information, you can get more information which includes the phone type (Landline or mobile), the name and complete address of the caller and the name of the carrier.

You may also be privileged to know the name of the neighbors, previous addresses among other information.

If you are not able to get the information that you have requested, the phone lookup service providers have the willingness to offer more assistance at no extra cost. If the service which you have requested is not still attainable, the service providers can refund your money. You have nothing to lose at all if you sign up with these companies. Take the bold step and sign up for the service today!