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Mobile Healthcare 2014

Join Mobile Monday for our annual mobile healthcare event which combines two of the Boston region’s fastest growing sectors.


Chip Ach, AthenaHealth
Will Crawford, Fitbit (Boston office)
Mary Modahl, American Well
Shahid Azim, Quanttus

Demo area (organized by MassTLC):  Quanttus, QMedicHealth, Personal Remedies, Wellcoin, and more.

Also Mobile Monday will be hosting startups from Mexico selected by Wayra, Latin America’s largest high tech accelerator. Be on the lookout for their “Cinco de Mayo” table, and visit them for an interesting chat and Jarrito. Hasta la vista!

When:  May 5th, 2014, doors open at 6pm

Where:  District Hall, 75 Northern Avenue, Boston, MA

Cost:  Free (Register now)

Advance registration is required to attend this event.

This event is held in partnership with MassTLC.

Our media sponsor is MobiHealthNews.

Thanks to our sponsors for supporting this community event.



Mobile Monday Boston Recap- Steady Growth of Mobile Payments

This past Mobile Monday Boston, the discussion of the night was ‘The Steady Growth of Mobile Payments’, where there was a great turnout of over 250 in attendance at the Bingham Law Firm located in the Financial District, (a place with some very nice views).

Sponsors- WinterWyman, Bingham Law & Mobiquity

Thanks to our sponsors WinterWyman and Mobiquity, there were lots of networking and snacking on some good eats and drinks before the main event began. Attendees were led into a presentation area where 10 local companies had 5 minutes each to present their products of alternative payment methods. Although each speaker had only 5 minutes to present, each one did a great job explaining their brand of product. 

The audience is ready to learn more about mobile payments!

Blue Snap- An international payment gateway dedicated to converting more shoppers to buyers worldwide. Blue Snap offers all that a basic payment gateway does but with much more including: intelligent payment routing, seamless storefront integration using simple self service iFrames or an extensive API library and mobile optimized checkout pages to alleviate shopping cart abandonment.

Speaker- Ralph Dangelmaier, CEO

Leaf - Young, rapidly growing tech company changing the standards of how brick and mortar merchants do business by not only growing using their own performance data, but also improving the way they connect with their customers. By using Leaf, merchants are able to use a custom-built Tablet called LeafPresenter for cash sales, credit card terminal and full-featured Point of Sale. LeafBusiness is a comprehensive business management tool, living in the cloud, where small businesses can build custom reports of their companies data for analyzing sales and business.

Speaker – William Chen, Leaf

Level Up - With over 1 million users and over 5,000 businesses nationwide, Level Up is one of the most popular ways to pay by you phone. By downloading the free app on your phone, users simply attach their credit/debit cards within the app’s secure protector. When a business accepts Level Up, the customer simply uses the QR code on their phone and reads it against the specially designed scanner, within seconds, the customer has paid and the business actually saves money by being charged a smaller fee than they would be using a regular POS transaction device. Best of all, the more times you use Level Up at the same location, the better rewards the customer receives as a great incentive to keep coming back.

Speaker - Nick Herbold, Developer

Liberty Teller - Move over green paper with dead presidents, outta the way plastic card because here comes Bitcoins! (Editor’s Note- I still really am not sure what a Bitcoin actually is or what they do, all I know is, is that they are some sort of virtual currency). Although still in it’s very early stages, Bitcoins are slowly becoming more popular as a way of mobile payments and with Liberty Teller, the first public Bitcoin machine in the U.S., the trend will only continue to grow. Liberty Teller allows you to put in cash for Bitcoins to use make purchases online and in stores.

Speaker - Chris Yim, co-founder of Liberty Teller

Loop Pay -(Editor’s Note- I am guilty of the following: having way too many credit/debit cards, having an extra wallet just for my gift cards and I have about an extra 20 loyalty cards that I keep in my bag at all times because, you just never know). However with Loop, you can scan or swipe all your cards, including debit/credit, gift cards, loyalty cards and even ID cards right into your phone and use them just about everywhere without merchants needing to change anything in their systems. What’s more, Loop can enable valuable commercial interactions with participating card issuers and merchants by providing in-app specials, along with real time account and credit balance information, and more.

Speaker -Damien Balsan, EVP Business Development

Mobiquity - With locations around the world, Mobiquity is an innovative firm that simplifies mobile for hundreds of companies. They push the envelope of innovation to deliver the right solution to address business challenges or surface business opportunities by designing, building, deploying and managing mobile solutions that work for your business.

Speaker – Andy Nanopoulos – Director Core Technology

Our speakers of the night!

Paydiant - Provides a white label mobile wallet platform that includes mobile payments, loyalty, offers, ATM cash access and related commerce services. The patented cloud-based platform enables merchants and banks to deploy their own secure mobile wallet solutions under their own brands, in their own apps.

Speaker - Mark Budreski, Vice President, National Accounts

PayPal Media Network - Formerly the Boston based-startup WHERE, PayPal Media Network assists retailers and brands to engage consumers, drive commerce and compete in the omni-channel marketplace by providing target advertising and offer products that are distributed across both mobile and online channels at scale.

Speaker -Sarah Hodkinson, Director of Marketing &Sales Strategy

Looped In/PXT Payments - Smart, safe and easy mobile payment app for use in restaurants and other local merchant that also lets you send money to your friends along with a personal message and even a photo. All for Free!Receive special deals from merchants in your ‘loop’ — all from the convenience of your smart phone.

Speaker - John Regan, President & CEO

ROAM - Provides a full suite of mobile POS products, solutions, tools and services to many of the leading retailers and merchant-facing organizations worldwide. ROAM is proud to be called an Ingenico company and be a part of the world’s number one payment solutions provider. Together, ROAM and Ingenico have worked with card brands, merchants, retailers, processors, financial institutions and banks in many countries around the world to successfully implement industry leading mobile commerce solutions.

Speaker – Eric Spear -SVP Engineering and Professional Services

To view the entire presentation, check out our You Tube Video!


The Steady Growth of Mobile Payments

After years of playing in the shadows of the massive legacy credit card industry, mobile payments are finally coming into their own.

Mobile wallets, connected point of sale (POS), alternative payments, new electronic currencies, and open APIs into backend processing are driving a revolution in the ways in which payments work. Consumer and merchant adoption is proceeding at a rapid pace while innovative software and financial companies are re-making the way business is transacted online and offline.

When: March 10th, 2014, doors open at 6pm

Where: Offices of Bingham McCutchen at 1 Federal St, Boston, MA 02110 (directions)

Cost: Free

BlueSnap Ralph Dangelmaier
Leaf Aron Schwartzkopf
LevelUp Nick Herbold
Liberty Teller Chris Yim
LoopPay Damien Balsan
Mobiquity Andy Nanopoulos
Paydiant Mark Budreski
Paypal Sarah Hodkinson
PXT Payments John Regan
ROAM Eric Spear

Advance registration is required to attend this event. This event will be hosted in Bingham’s elegant conference space downtown so there will be limited space.

Register here.

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Guest post: Rumblings in the Payment Space

There is a loud rumbling in the payment space these days. The inevitable shift from classic swipe-and-go transactions to a mobile wallet has continued to creep into the marketplace and change the way customers are paying for goods. We’re seeing innovation in every aspect of payments – from startups looking to change what we use as a form of payment (think Coin and their digital credit card or Bitcoin), to alternative payment Point of Sale Systems (Square, LevelUp), to mobile payments for service-based applications (Braintree, Stripe).

After passing the $1 billion mark this past year, the mobile payment market is expected to exceed $58 billion by 2017 according to industry experts. As you can expect, the battle for a piece of that market is becoming crowded and intense. While there are some big names in the mix, nobody has become a clear-cut leader just yet.

Square has made a strong impact in upgrading clunky POS systems, and has its mobile payment platform slowly creeping into major chains like Starbucks and Whole Foods. Mobile payment processors like Stripe and Braintree have allowed mobile in-app payments to flourish, with their impact coming behind the scenes at companies like Lyft, Uber, and LivingSocial. With rumblings that Apple and Amazon with both also be entering the mobile payment scene shortly, it should make for quite the war.

Not only is there a fight for supremacy amongst mobile payment providers, there is a tug-of-war taking place behind what the next wave of mobile payment technology will be. Some companies, such as Boston-based LevelUp, focus currently on QR scanning, others, like Google Wallet, focus on NFC, and still others, like PayPal and Telefonica, use what many would consider a “cloud wallet.”

Just as popular as paying for goods and services, the way we pay back each other has seen some exciting changes as well. Offerings like Square Cash and Venmo now allow users to quickly and easily send each other funds from the convenience of their smartphone. Combined with bill-split features displayed in a number of new apps, the days of waiting to get paid back by friends & family might be coming to an end.

With such a congestion of players and confusion over which technology will prevail, the mobile payment scene is rife with questions and possibilities. We can’t wait to hear more from our panel and get their thoughts!


Mobile Marketing event in January

Mobile Monday and Women in Wireless are teaming up to provide an evening event about the expanding role of mobile advertising and marketing.

As mobile marketing continues to gain prominence in the marketing industry, there now are a broad range of options including banner ads, in application advertising, rich media and video ad units, rewards advertising, gaming strategies, loyalty programs, QR codes and more.

We’ll hear from brands that have been willing to experiment to see what approaches work best for their target markets.


Jonathan Stephen, Head of Mobile & Emerging Technologies, JetBlue

Nick Bogovich, Executive Director, Mobile, GSN Games

Gabriella Buerman, Mobile Product Marketing Manager, Rue La La

Jonathan Tatlow, SVP of Connections Planning, Digitas

Introduction by Kevin Wiant

Location:  District Hall, 75 Northern Ave, Boston, MA 02210

Time/Date:  Monday, January 13, 2014.  Doors open at 6pm.  Main event begins at 7pm.

Register here.

Co-hosted with Women in Wireless.

Women in Wireless is a nonprofit organization that empowers and develops female leaders in mobile and digital media through inspirational panels and webinars, leadership development, mentoring and networking and supports charities aligned with that mission.

Thanks to our sponsors Winter Wyman and Mobiquity for supporting this event.













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Mobile Monday and Webinno on December 9th

We’re holding a special event on December 9th. This is the second year in a row that we’ve collaborated with the Web innovators Group to feature early stage companies focused on mobile.

Monday December 9th
Royal Sonesta Hotel Cambridge
6:30pm doors open

Register Now

If your early stage startup is interested in presenting a demo, contact us (or contact Webinno directly) with a brief overview and a link or Testflight to a live demo.


Recap of MIT Museum Startup Event

Thanks to all of the 600 attendees who came to the the MIT Museum Event.  Below is a summary of the startups who exhibited (Thanks Janelle! – the full write-up is on her blog).  Photos are on the Mobile Monday Boston Facebook Page.

Ask Beatrice - Ask Beatrice is a parking ‘widget’ located on a business’ website to help motorists find parking within walking distance to the particular business and help to avoid costly parking tickets.

Canary - Calendar app that lets you manage/edit/schedule all of your appointments and events from Google & Facebook calendars all in one convenient place.

CO Everywhere – Social Media App that lets you find out what’s happening in one particular area  via social media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook & Instagram, conveniently organized on one app.

CoachUp – CoachUp is an app that lets you find personal coaches in your area to train and practice with on any particular sport.

Filosync  - Software product that allows you to turn your Amazon Web Service account into your personal file-sync system.

good2gether - Company that uses smartphones to connect businesses that ‘do good’ to consumers who care about the causes that they both support.

HeyWire  - App that provides free texting for businesses, combining SMS and Twitter, send and receive messages across smartphones, tablets and the web.

THE MEME  – A mobile phone app that creates ‘Organic Parking’; a transaction system of exchanging information for swapping car parking spots throughout the city of Boston and surrounding areas for a fraction of the cost.

Mobee - An app that allows users to be mystery shoppers at participating venues and are rewarded the more they shop/dine.

HubEngage - Created by the folks from Mobinett, HubEngage is a social app that allows users to ‘check in’ participating venues and use their app in the same way a loyalty card to redeem offers and earn points for every visit.

NeuroCrunch – Although still in development, Big Hippo is the first app created by NeruoCrunch that will allow you to instantly recall and remember personal information of people you interact with by way of voice recognition technology.

PitchPrep – Mobile app that allows you to record, share, critique and perfect your sales pitch or message.

Playrific – Mobile company that creates apps for a younger audience, as well as, work with other business partners an alternative way to using a mobile platform to create and develop apps for kids.

PreApps – Website dedicated to getting the word out on new apps to users and the marketplace prior to release.

QuadWrangle – App that allows you to connect with other alumni, which lead to better connections and organization of reunions & donations.

Quantra – A subsidiary of Taiwan-based Quantra Computer, INC, the world’s leader in the production of laptop computers, Quntra Research based in Cambridge has developed an app that allow an easier use of the creation and sharing of location based services.

Roomzilla – Creative software that allows a company to easily book, confirm and organize meeting space fast and efficiently.

Salespod – An efficient web app that allows small and medium sized businesses manage field activities, coach and provide their team with relevant information on the spot, all while tracking their team’s activities in real time.

SessionM – Developed an innovative mobile loyalty and advertising platform that connects consumers with mobile content and advertising in fun and rewarding new ways.

Skimbox – A wicked smart app that organizes email for busy people on the go by creating one box for important email you need to view and another for all other email that can wait.

Snaptiva – An interactive personal style app that allows consumers to snap a picture of anything with a specific color, search thought millions of products and find products that match their item’s color, such as finding shoes to match a bag.

Sold. – Service app that took over the burden of selling by adding a few photos and a description, the pricing calculator determines the perfect price for the item. From there the app handles the selling, the shipping, and the payment in one convenient place.

SoundFest – A revolutionary app dubbed “RealClarity”, this app helps people who have difficulty understanding speech in noisy situations, clarifies voices and other sounds people want to hear, while filtering out distracting noise.

Spogo – The ultimate mobile sports app that allows sports fans to win rewards for making real-time predictions while watching their favorite teams play.

Tap n’ Tap - Software solutions and leading Android expertise that enables manufacturers, operators, and retailers to launch profitable mobile devices.

The Tap Lab – Creator of Tiny Tycoon, the first location-based tycoon game on the App Store that turns real life into an interactive game board consisting of everyday people and places to compete with and take over your favorite real world places.

Thyme Labs – in production software company that is focused on time management tools and personal data analytics.

Timebre – A cool new app available for Apple & Android, Timbre is a free location-based service app that allows you to find concert venues in your area to discover live music and concerts.

Tocobox Inc. – Startup Company that is developing “Mailki”, an easy to use email system for children ages 6-12 that is also monitored by parental controls.

Unbound Commerce – Developing a new concept for large retailers and brands, Unbound Commerce created a new touch screen technology that bridges the gap between retailer and consumer online and offline.

vFrame – Creating a patent pending product, ‘virtual reality frames’ connect to your smartphone and from there you can play video games in a 360° view.

And a big shout out to our sponsors!







Set Up Business Operations With Service Desk Software

wsdsWhen you are starting out with your business, it is likely that you will have done sufficient market studies and would have worked out a business plan. It would be best to include all those areas that would drain your resources and how you plan to counter them. Infrastructure and computer hardware would definitely top the list these days because it makes it scalable.  Internet has made it possible to have a global empire regardless of where your office is. Software such as service desk software would no doubt be an asset. This would be a part of the rest of the Office suite where software is concerned and your work force would need to be trained in its use.

As long as your business plan includes the tools of the trade, you should be able to see a smooth start to the operations. One of the side benefits to having the service desk software in place initially is that you will not have to convince your employees to change from something they are used to! This will save time and effort which can be better used for business development. Adding something like service desk software later in the process would unnecessarily use up time towards transitioning from one approach to another. Here’s how this can help.

Why Do You Need Service Desk Software?

Company websites are using service desk software in order to improve their services to potential customers. Basically, this kind of software is helpful in building trust among loyal customers as well as those who are just planning to avail the products or services. This automatically responds to questions or feedback coming from customers. The software is a great tool to keep considering that it also provides ample of benefits to the company website. Creating a smooth workflow is possible with service desk software because of its automatic features. Staff members who are working on the site will not have a hard time organizing the tasks because of the software.

Reports are also organized and can be collected right away. The software gathers all the data and stores it properly in order to make use of it in the future. It gives an overview on how the company is going in terms of its products or services provided to the customers. The good thing about having this software is the convenience that it can give to staff members. It will provide an opportunity of getting the tasks done efficiently without creating hassles. Apart from this, the service desk software is a tool to increase the revenue of business.


Stop Snoring Devices And Their Side Effects

ssdseSnoring is never considered a very serious problem but there are cases of people getting sleep apnea due to snoring. To avoid such complicated problems, you should address snoring early. Lots of people think about using stop snoring devices and that is a very positive thought but using these devices on permanent basis is not a very good plan. You should look for stop snoring devices that address the cause of snoring instead of providing you with a temporary relief. Most of the devices available in the market address breathing issues of snoring people and by addressing those issues these devices stop snoring. These kinds of devices can be addictive in nature as well because once you become used to using these devices for sleep then you will not be able to sleep without them. To avoid addiction of these devices you should try skipping few nights and try to sleep without these devices. If these devices are really helping you then you must be able to sleep and snore less than usual. If you are not getting proper sleep without these devices then you need to either change it or you can consult your doctor about it.

Professional Stop Snoring Devices

If you are looking to control snoring then you must try natural methods first before you try using some professional stop snoring devices. Most of the people snore because their air passage is blocked and they cannot breathe through their nose anymore. This is very common problem and there are some very basic techniques to avoid this problem. There are so many types of nasal openers available in the market that you can use and these openers are very effective as well. When air passage is open then you will be able to breathe through your nose and snoring will not occur. Some people have breathing issues that can be addressed by some ordinary oral devices and these oral devices are also not very expensive. You just have to keep these devices in mouth while sleeping and these devices make sure that you breathe properly and avoid snoring. If your cause of snoring is above all this then you can turn towards professional stop snoring devices. These devices are complex, expensive but highly effective. You can consider these devices as the final option when nothing else works. Once you start using these devices then you will have to use them permanently.


MIT Museum Startup Showcase

Get ready for Tuesday, October 8th when Mobile Monday rents out the MIT Museum for an evening of startup demonstrations, drinks, and mingling.

Mixed among the regular technology museum exhibits you’ll be able to meet new and innovative companies in the mobile space, including:

Ask Beatrice, Canary, CO Everywhere, CoachUp, good2gether, HeyWire, Laveem, Main and Me, Mobee, Mobinett Interactive, momedx, NeuroCrunch LLC, PitchPrep, Playrific, Quanta Research Cambridge, Roomzilla, Salespod, Snaptiva, Sold, SoundFest, Inc, Spogo, TapToss, The Tap Lab, Thyme Labs, Timbre, tripchi, Unbound Commerce, vFrame Incorporated

Date: Tuesday, October 8th, 2013 — 6.00pm to 9:00pm

Location: MIT Museum, Cambridge, MA.
Transportation: Red Line Kendall Square.
Cost: Free due to support from our sponsors

Register here.

Please note that this event is on a Tuesday (that’s so we can align with the EmTech by MIT Technology Review Conference).

Questions about this event, contact Kevin Wiant at

Many thanks for our sponsors Embarcadero, Boston Human Capital, Hire Mobile and Mobiquity for making this event possible.







Questions about this event, contact Kevin Wiant at